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It's a big deal that you're deciding to invest in yourself.

As a certified fitness trainer and health coach,

I'd love to be your guide and supporter throughout

your own unique journey. 

Josh Carisma, Certified Fitness Trainer
+ Health Coach 

It's awesome that you're reading this. 

What I'm About


Becoming healthier versions of ourselves is an exciting, but difficult adventure. With any journey, it's easier with help.

You don’t need to embark on this tough trek alone. I will be there as your own personal Indiana Jones to help navigate through the treacherous terrain of growing inner and outer strength.

What I love about Indy is that he’s a hero without superpowers.

Instead, he has unrelenting curiosity, intense passion, vast knowledge and expertise, and a charismatic personality. These are all the same qualities that I bring into my coaching. 

As your coach, I can help you achieve self-mastery through personalized fitness programing, nutrition counseling, and mental well-being strategies. You ready? 



— Aristotle

See what my clients have to say...


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Choose Your Own Adventure

Virtual Personal Training

  • I'll guide you through personalized workouts that are masterfully curated just for you and your specific goals. 

  • As a corrective exercise specialist, I'll not only instruct you on proper and safe form, but I'll customize your workouts based on your body. Lower back pain?  A previous shoulder injury? I gotchu. 

  • Why pay for a gym membership when you already pay so much rent? You can use minimal, basic, inexpensive equipment right in your home! 

  • Workout whenever you want. We'll create a schedule that fits into your current lifestyle. 

  • The most valuable thing I offer as a coach is accountability. Finding the motivation to get up and move or to pick up a weight is harder and harder to do. I'll help you stay on the path by providing consistent structure and encouragement. 


Virtual Health Coaching

  • Through a client centered interviewing process, we'll assess where you're at and where you want to go. 

  • Together, we'll name the many obstacles in between you and a healthier you. Based on your particular challenges, we'll create a roadmap you feel confident about. We'll strategize a game plan that feels doable.   

  • Applying all of my education and training, I'll help you to define and develop the specific skills you'll need to follow the map and stick to the plan. 

  • We'll have frequent check-ins to reassess and reflect on how it's going. This will be a safe space where you're encouraged to be honest about the process. A space where adjustments will be made, discoveries will be found, and breakthroughs will be realized. 

  • Repeat. We'll continue to asses, create, strategize, develop, reflect, and celebrate again and  again as you continue to step into your own power. 

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Live in Los Angeles? 

Let's hang out! I offer in-person personal training in Hollywood. 


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